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Just Need FEX Quotes?

Here’s how to get Final Expense Quotes without enacting underwriting checks. Set your Producer Setting > Show Alternate Prices setting Leave Medications and Conditions Blank Run the Analysis When you click on plan info, you’ll see all of the different possible pricing options for each plan Why might you want this? Maybe you know where […] Read more

Multiple Simultaneous Face Value Evaluation

“It would be very helpful to be able to run multiple quotes at the same time. I usually do 2 or 3 at a time.” This customer feedback encouraged us to design our multiple, simultaneous face value evaluation feature (which we call multi-face value). Where is it. As you type in your desired face value, […] Read more

Getting Started in Telesales

Times are changing and it’s time to consider telesales. As an insurance agent, you may have thought this exact thing.  But how do you get started?  Here are 6 points to consider: Make sure you’re contracted Make sure your office space is pleasant Get Highly Organized Learn Your Carriers Logistics Use your tools (Dialer, Headset, […] Read more

BestPlanPro Online

“Can I use BPP on my iPad or on my phone?” This customer feedback had us develop BestPlanPro Online – a cross-platform version of BestPlanPro that allows for any modern internet-connected device to use BestPlanPro Where is it. You can access BestPlanPro Online by going to online.bestplanpro.com. What it solves. You can now use BestPlanPro […] Read more

Last Loaded Case

“It would be great to see what the name of the last case I loaded is.” This customer feedback had us develop the Last Loaded Case Feature. Where is it. This feature is located under Configure Coverage area. What it solves. After you load a case by going to Data > Load Data, the filename of […] Read more

Show Alternate Prices

“Sometimes the client omits information and then the underwriting review comes back differently than it says in BestPlanPro. It would be great if there was a way to show all prices so I can at least quote the correct price after the underwriting review gives a different result than expected.” This customer feedback had us […] Read more

Maximum Monthly Budget

“It would be great if there was a way to show how much face value someone could get if they know their budget.” This customer feedback had us develop the Maximum Monthly Budget Feature. Where is it. This feature is located under Configure Coverage and takes priority over the Face Value field (meaning that if you […] Read more