The Best Final Expense Underwriting and Pricing Engine


Save time underwriting easily for several carriers at once.


Get your questions answered immediately instead of through your upline, chat room, or cheat sheet.


Tailor-made quotes based around your client's health and finances

Are you wasting money on leads?

Are you writing business that's going to be replaced?

How do you underwrite?

How long do you spend looking up generics or combing through guides?

Instant Underwriting?

Do you need to call your upline or field agent calls for more complex health cases?

Do you have to update cheat sheets?

Do you spend time updating reference guides?

Can you fit in one more appointment?

If you saved 20 minutes per appointment, how many more appointments could you fit in each week?

Do your tools make you money?

If you could increase sales by 15% just using a calculator to find the best policy, would you?

What is Best Plan Pro?

Best Plan Pro, BETA Software distributed by Software Automation Holdings, is an easy-to-use software application where you can get an instant underwriting assessment for the best final expense plans possible for your client. This final expense underwriting tool will show quotes from your selection of multiple insurance carriers and will help you qualify a client if they're eligible.

You choose the products your licensed to sell

Sell however you want without the system getting in the way

Get multiple quotes with or without a health assessment

Getting an underwriting assessment for 1 carrier or 40 carriers in less than 60 seconds – BPP is fully customizable.

Best Plan Pro automates generic research, processing medication guides, underwriting guides, height & weight guides, and pricing calculations.

What plan should you look at first? Let Best Plan Pro help answer that question.

What BestPlanPro Supports

Height & Weight Exclusions

State Restrictions

Face Value Restrictions

Maximum Face Value for a given budget calculations

Quote multiple face amounts and consider underwriting

Combination restrictions based around state, face value, and health (i.e. a Modified Plan not being available in a particular state at a particular face value)

Suggestions of many conditions associated with medications

Automatic generic lookups for each medication

Categorical condition support

Per carrier definitions of Treatment vs Maintenance

How BestPlanPro Helps

Get an apples-to-apples comparison of each plan with the best plan for the client at the top of the list

Ability to Import/Export Data

Consistent & easy to use interface

Help with spelling medications and conditions

Underwriting and quoting at the same time

When you decide on a plan, have all of the information you need  in front of you (phone numbers, acceptable payment methods, definition of nicotine, and more)

Get back to selling, we'll handle the underwriting.