Monthly License

$59.99 / Month
  • Go from 20 minutes of figuring out the best plan to 1 minute
  • Never forget to ask the last treatment of a condition again
  • Reduce in-house calls to uplines
  • Better client retention due to best accurate plan discovery
  • Confidence that you're selling the right product for the client

BestPlanPro costs $59.99/month per BPP Key Code.  A Key Code may be activated unlimited times.  You can use devices at a time for your subscription at no extra charge.  At checkout, you can change the quantity.  If you have a quantity of 1 set at checkout, you may use 2 devices for that subscription.  If you have a quantity of 2 set at checkout, you may use 4 devices.  Quantity of 3, 6 devices (etc).  If you ever run into any issues with your license, contact us for more help.

Call center licenses, and bulk discount license packages are available.  Please contact us for more information.


Some IMOs have BestPlanPro discount codes.  Be sure to ask your upline or contact us for more info.