"The goal of BestPlanPro is to create an efficient, predictable, and effective underwriting calculator.  We want to empower Final Expense agents to sell the best product for their clients to maintain maximum placement and retention.  We want to have the best documented platform and the best, user-focused technology.  If you have any suggestions, please let us know."

- Zachary Bornheimer, CEO of Software Automation Holdings & lead developer of BestPlanPro

Program Features

  • Built in quoting engine
  • Automatic Processing of:
    • Age
    • Height
    • Weight
    • Medications
    • Conditions
    • Face value / Maximum Monthly Budget
    • State Restrictions
  • Platforms:
    • Windows: Desktop Download, for offline use
    • Internet-Based: Use on your tablet or phone...anywhere you have an internet connection
  • Plan Info: Gives you all info you will need to write the app
  • Rapid Development
  • High Level of Accuracy (always working to improve accuracy)
    90.53% accurate on 3101 Cases Studiesapprox. 109,486 Correct TestsLast Updated: Jul 6, 2019 12:08pm

Direct Benefits

  • Replacement for:
    • Cheat sheets
    • Chat rooms
    • Underwriting Guides
    • Constant Calls to your up-line manager
    • Declines once you submit the application
    • Awkward silence while trying to place someone with a carrier
  • Be able to sell more than your 3 go to plans CONFIDENTLY
  • Increase placement
  • Helps prevent oversights in medical history probing

Currently Supported Final Expense Plans

  • AIG (GIWL)
  • Aetna (Final Expense)
  • American Amicable / Occidental (Golden Solution, Senior's Choice)
  • Americo (Eagle Premier)
  • Assurant  (Final Expense)
  • Columbian Life (Dignified Choice)
  • Family Benefit Life (Golden Eagle)
  • Foresters (Plan Right)
  • Gerber (Guaranteed Issue)
  • Great Western (Guaranteed Assurance)***
  • Innovative Solutions (Whole Life)
  • KSKJ (Final Expense)***
  • Life Shield (Survivor)***
  • Liberty Bankers (SIMPL)
  • Mutual of Omaha (Living Promise)
  • Occidental Life (Golden Solution, Senior's Choice)
  • Oxford Life (Simplified Issue)***
  • Prosperity/SBLI (New Vista)
  • Royal Neighbors (SIWL)
  • Security National Life (Simple Security Plan)
  • Sentinel Security Life (New Vantage)
  • TransAmerica (ages 45-85, Easy Solution & Immediate Solution)
  • Trinity Life (Golden Eagle)
  • United Home Life / United Farm and Family (Whole Life)***

*** Using Artificial Intelligence, we've been able to make underwriting assessments for these carriers that they were unable to disclose detailed underwriting data (even though they wanted to help).  These carriers are experimental.  Please let us know if you run into any issues.


"I've grateful Ric and his team have finally created a software program that helps with FE underwriting. It saves me at least 30 minutes per case and allows me to be a better insurance adviser to my clients."

Joe T., West Palm Beach FL

"Best Plan Pro has been a game changer for me and my team. Being able to have a system in place that gives us a quick and consistent answers is amazing. Its increasing our persistency and making the team place business quicker and help more clients. Big win all around recommend this to every agent that onboard with me."

Nate D., Norfolk Nebraska

"I’m using it right now.  It’s so great !   Yesterday I spent hours comparing plans and trying to find best deal for a guy with different meds.  It took half the day.   Now I just entered the info and it took 5 min.   Ok this is a game changer !!"

Monica G, Austin TX

"I actually use this software to train my agents before they go into the field. Its a GREAT training tool to know the different niches of the carriers and know where to place the client"

Bob G., Cleveland

"This software is necessary in my opinion. When a client hands you a printed list of medications you need to check carriers for after you already checked medical conditions, the time saved is money! Time is money in this business. They aren’t getting nervous about being accepted for coverage and we aren’t becoming frustrated. Thank you, Best Plan Pro for taking the guesswork out of my job!"

Neesi L., Pennsylvania

"This is going to change the industry and how agents do business! I highly recommend!"

Adam R., North Carolina


Thank you BEST PLAN PRO,
I would of never used Mutual of Omaha before for the combination of Rx’s and ailments this client had.
I wrote contract late Friday afternoon.
Now that’s impressive. Thanks again Ric and your brainchild"

Pete G., Wilmington North Carolina

"I love this program.  It has proven itself to be ahead of the curve for even the seasoned FE agents.  I hope that it continues to exist!!!"

Tyler P., Wilmington North Carolina

Don’t see one of your favorite carriers?

We have intentionally excluded several carriers from the BestPlanPro software.  We felt the below carriers did not provide enough underwriting information to allow the software to make an underwriting assessment that meets our strict standards of accuracy.  If you would like one of the below carriers, or any other carriers to be added, please contact your sales representative for that carrier, and have them call our toll-free number to discuss being added to the plan.  Unlike many software companies we do not charge the carriers for participation in the plan, and we welcome the opportunity to add as many carriers as we can.  We will always strive to enhance our product and provide the best service we can to our users.

  • GPM Life
  • Motorists
  • Standard Life and Casualty

We've deployed experimental underwriting technology using Artificial Intelligence for the following carriers that used to be excluded.  Please let us know if you run into any issues with any of these carriers:

  • KSKJ Life
  • Life Shield
  • Oxford Life
  • United Home Life / United Farm and Family