What Best Plan Pro Has To Offer

Our all-in-one software contains everything you need to know about your carriers and helps you sell the right product.

Medication Handling

Best Plan Pro automatically considers generics and adds new medications weekly. There are over 190,000 medications and uses in our database.

Rapid Development

Our software is updated almost every week. If you want something added to Best Plan Pro – whether it be a new carrier or feature – just let us know.

Non-Medical Underwriting


Age limits, face values, height or weight, state exclusions, criminal convictions, family history… there’s a lot to underwrite. We handle basic information and non-medical underwriting so you don’t have to.



Best Plan Pro knows the difference between ongoing treatment and maintenance treatment per carrier, makes sure data is accurately collected through its organization, corrects typos, helps with hard-to-spell medications, and understands implied conditions and medications.

Multiple Versions


With 4 different options, Best Plan Pro works on almost every platform. Use v2, modern, or classic themes online or the Windows Edition completely offline.

Evaluate Multiple Carriers


Best Plan Pro automatically processes all of your carriers simultaneously. When your client suddenly remembers they had brain surgery two years ago, you can re-run the case and get updated answers and quotes in seconds.

Program Features Direct Benefit
  • Built-in quoting engine (including quoting multiple face amounts at the same time)
  • Automatic Processing of:
    • Age
    • Height
    • Weight
    • Medications (with their Generic Equivalents)
    • Conditions
    • Face value / Maximum Monthly Budget
    • State Restrictions
  • Platforms:
    • Windows: Desktop Download, for offline use
    • Internet-Based: Use on your tablet or phone…anywhere you have an internet connection
  • Data:
    • Save data to a .bpp file
    • Load data from a .bpp file
    • Email data
    • Copy data to Clipboard
    • Get a link to share the case
  • Apples to Apples Results:
    • Products sorted by price & coverage type (day 1 coverage moves to the top of the list)
    • The Plan Info Window gives you all information you need to decide on a policy including plan-specific definitions (like what graded means for a particular carrier, what the carrier considers nicotine usage, etc.)
  • Rapid Development
  • High Level of Accuracy (always working to improve accuracy)

    90.53% accurate on 3101 Cases Studiesapprox. 106,678 Correct TestsLast Updated: Jul 6, 2019 12:08pm

    Please note, we’re working on a new accuracy measurement protocol.

  • Replacement/Solution for:
    • Cheat sheets
    • Chat rooms
    • Underwriting guides
    • Constant calls to your up-line manager
    • Declines once you submit the application
    • Awkward silence while trying to place someone with a carrier
  • Sell confidently
  • Increase placement
  • Prevent oversights in medical history probing
  • Organize data for cross-selling
  • Maintain dates for case re-evaluation
  • Quote multiple face amounts at the same time considering underwriting restrictions
  • Automatic learning for new medications
  • Intelligent typo corrections for medication names and condition names

See Best Plan Pro In Action

Watch a recorded demo for a closer look at Best Plan Pro and its features. You’ll see how BPP saves agents time, simplifies underwriting, and increases placement by an average of 15%.

What People Are Saying

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If you’re doing business in the Final Expense, Life Insurance market and you’re not using Best Plan Pro, you are making a very big mistake. Best Plan Pro is the most consistent and reliable field underwriting tool our industry has to offer. Stop guessing what the carriers will approve and start knowing!

David Paul,
Director of Simplified Issue Life

Best Plan Pro is simply the best underwriting software available to independent agents. No matter how complex the underwriting case is, Best Plan Pro can tell you with almost perfect accuracy what carrier will accept your client as well as the rating class, just in a few clicks. I highly recommend the product for agents needing additional help underwriting their final expense prospects.

David Duford,

I’m grateful Ric and his team have finally created a software program that helps with FE underwriting. It saves me at least 30 minutes per case and allows me to be a better insurance adviser to my clients.

Joe T, Florida

Best Plan Pro has been a game changer for me and my team. Being able to have a system in place that gives us a quick and consistent answers is amazing. Its increasing our persistency and making the team place business quicker and help more clients. Big win all around recommend this to every agent that onboard with me.

Nate D, Nebraska

I’m using it right now.  It’s so great !   Yesterday I spent hours comparing plans and trying to find best deal for a guy with different meds.  It took half the day.   Now I just entered the info and it took 5 min.   Ok this is a game changer!!

Monica G, Texas

I actually use this software to train my agents before they go into the field. Its a GREAT training tool to know the different niches of the carriers and know where to place the client

Bob G, Ohio

This software is necessary in my opinion. When a client hands you a printed list of medications you need to check carriers for after you already checked medical conditions, the time saved is money! Time is money in this business. They aren’t getting nervous about being accepted for coverage and we aren’t becoming frustrated. Thank you, Best Plan Pro for taking the guesswork out of my job!

Neesi L, Pennsylvania

This is going to change the industry and how agents do business! I highly recommend!

Adam R, North Carolina


I would have never used Mutual of Omaha before for the combination of Rx’s and ailments this client had.

I wrote contract late Friday afternoon.

Now that’s impressive. Thanks again Ric and your brainchild.

Pete G, North Carolina

I love this program. It has proven itself to be ahead of the curve for even the seasoned FE agents. I hope that it continues to exist!!!

Tyler P, North Carolina

Love this program. It has made a huge difference in my business.

Dean B, California

Best Plan Pro is phenomenal and I can’t be in the business without it.

Karen R, Florida

To say that I LOVE Best Plan Pro is an understatement. As a new agent, I especially don’t know what I’d do without it!

Clare L, North Carolina

I used Best Plan Pro in the field and it worked like magic. I got a deal I normally would have gotten because I was 100% sure some medications would knock out my customer.  Best Plan Pro said good to go and it was right.  Wow.  Thank you.

Robert R, California

Saves me a ton of time underwriting. I’m doing telesales so it only takes a couple minutes to load their info in and get a result in even the most complex individual. You don’t have a long awkward silence while they are waiting for you to finish.

Michael C, Iowa

I’ve never thanked someone for starting a business. But, as they say, there’s always a first. So thanks. I’m a newly licensed agent specializing in final expense. I’m very confident in my sales ability, but I have little confidence in my ability to quickly sift through all the possibilities. In addition, I was afraid that i would select the wrong solutions. So this has provided me with a great deal of confidence and I will treat my clients correctly.

Harris M, Connecticut

This is the most wonderful tool!  My time in the home has been cut in half with Best Plan Pro, and gives me credibility with my clients.

Renee S, Ohio

Most apps I had over a 90%+ placement ratio. Before [Best Plan Pro] I was at 70%

Michael C, California

It’s the best quoter by far that I’ve found.

Jorge P, Florida

This has made my life as an agent much easier and made the process much more convenient for my clients.

Daniel W, Arizona

I wrote a policy with Mutual (graded) and it came in at $17.11.
Without the software, I would have just gone to Aetna at $27. My client was happy and she said she would refer her friend.

Michael W, Florida

Supported Carriers + Products Select the category of products to see our supported options in that category.

Final ExpenseTermMedicare SupplementPreneed

Supported Final Expense Plans

  • Aetna (Accendo, Protection Series, and Individual Whole Life)
  • Aflac (Final Expense)
  • American Amicable (Clear Choice, Dignity Solutions, Golden Solution, Innovative Solutions, Platinum Solution, Senior's Choice, Tribute)
  • Americo (Eagle Premier)
  • American Home Life (Guidestar, Patriot Series)
  • ANTEX (Strategy Whole Life)
  • Assurant  (Final Expense)
  • Baltimore Life (Silver Guard)
  • Bankers Fidelity (Final Expense)
  • Better Life (Final Expense)
  • CICA Life (Superior Choice)
  • Centrian Legacy (Living Legacy)
  • CICA Life (Superior Choice)
  • Cigna (Individual Whole Life)
  • Columbian Life (Dignified Choice)
  • Corebridge (formerly AIG) (GIWL, SimpliNow Legacy)
  • Everest IA American (Advantage 50 Plus)
  • Family Benefit Life (Golden Eagle)
  • Federal Life (Express Choice)
  • Fidelity Life (RAPIDecision, RAPIDecision Senior Life)
  • First Guaranty Insurance (Security Care)
  • Foresters (Plan Right)
  • GCU (Eternal Advantage)
  • GPM Life (Secure Mark)***
  • GTL (Heritage Plan)
  • Gerber (Guaranteed Issue)
  • Illinois Mutual (Path Protector Plus)
  • KSKJ (Final Expense)***
  • Life Shield (Survivor)***
  • Liberty Bankers (SIMPL)***
  • Lumico (Simplified Issue)
  • Mutual of Omaha (Living Promise)
  • Nassau (Remembrance Life)
  • Occidental Life (Clear Choice, Dignity Solutions, Golden Solution, Innovative Solutions, Platinum Solution, Senior’s Choice, Tribute)
  • Oxford Life (Simplified Issue)***
  • Pekin (Whole Life [Preferred/Simplified Issue/Graded])***
  • Pioneer American (Independent American)
  • Prosperity (New Vista)
  • Royal Arcanum (Simplified Issue)
  • Royal Neighbors (SIWL)
  • S.USA (a Prosperity Company) (Golden Promise)
  • SBLI (Living Legacy)
  • Security National Life (Simple Security Plan)
  • Sentinel Security Life (New Vantage)
  • Senior Life (Whole Life)
  • Sons of Norway (Final Expense, Legacy Sure)***
  • TransAmerica (Solution)
  • Trinity Life (Golden Eagle)
  • United Home Life / United Farm and Family (Whole Life)***
  • Wellabe (Great Assurance, Assurance Plus/Final Expense)***

Supported Term Plans (Experimental)

We're actively adding products for Term and Medicare Supplement. We're happy to add other product types as you need - we implement based on demand. Reach out if you want us to implement something.
  • American Amicable (Easy Term, Home Protector, Term Made Simple)
  • Americo (HMS Plus)
  • Fidelity Life (InstaTerm)
  • Foresters (Strong Foundation, Your Term)
  • GPM (Q Mark)
  • GTL (Turbo Term)
  • Hero Life (Term Life)
  • John Hancock (Simple Term with Vitality)
  • Mutual of Omaha (Term Life Express)
  • Prosperity (Family Freedom Term)
  • Sagicor (Sage Term)
  • Senior Life (Term)
  • TransAmerica (Super, LB)

Supported Medicare Supplement Plans (Experimental)

We're actively adding products for Term and Medicare Supplement. We're happy to add other product types as you need - we implement based on demand. Reach out if you want us to implement something.
  • Aetna Medsup
  • Aetna Accendo Medsup
  • Mutual of Omaha Medsup
  • Manhattan Life Medsup

Supported Preneed Plans

Reach out if you want us to implement additional preneed products.
  • Better Life (Single Premium)
  • Global Atlantic (Simple Protection Plan)
*** Using Artificial Intelligence, we've been able to make underwriting assessments for these carriers that they were unable to disclose detailed underwriting data (even though they wanted to help). These carriers are experimental. Please let us know if you run into any issues.

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