“Can I use BPP on my iPad or on my phone? I already use the offline version on my Windows computer and it would be really helpful to have a version I can use on my iPad.”

This customer feedback encouraged us to develop BestPlanPro Online – a cross-platform version of BestPlanPro that allows for any modern internet-connected device to use BestPlanPro. Now you can use the offline Windows Edition or the online BPP Online versions.

Where is it.

You can get our Windows Desktop version in the customer portal and you can access BestPlanPro Online by going to online.bestplanpro.com.

What it solves.

You can now use BestPlanPro on any modern internet-connected device as you would the Windows version.  Producer settings and credentials are stored in your browsing data.  It serves to be a near-identical version of BestPlanPro for the Web Browser.  To use BPP Online, use your normal Best Plan Pro credentials to activate.

The differences.

There are a few web-only features that require an internet connection (such as the readonly link) and the online version requires internet access to run.  Windows Edition can be run fully offline.

Switching Back and Forth.

You can use either BPP Online or Windows Edition by activating it with the credentials in your customer portal (click here to access the customer portal).  You can also use both the online and Windows Edition versions of Best Plan Pro at the same time!  While each subscription is different, the most common subscription to BPP allows for 2 simultaneous activated copies.  Please be aware of your subscription to BPP’s limitations in terms of activated copies (using BPP Online in Firefox, Chrome, and Windows Edition counts as 3 activated copies).  To avoid issues with these limits, make sure to deactivate your software when you’re done with that copy (such as if you’re using a loaner computer or you’re using your phone because you forgot your tablet).

Clearing your Browsing Data / Automatically Backup & Restore your BPP Online Settings

If you clear your browsing data, your BPP credentials and settings will be lost – it’s like wiping your hard drive.  To save these settings and have them restored automatically, install the relevant Auto-Backup Plugin and visit online.bestplanpro.com.  If you are using a browser that isn’t supported by the auto-backup plugin, you’ll need to use the Import / Export Settings feature.