I’m not using my regular device.  Instead of saving the Case, can I get it emailed to me?  I’m using BPP Online.

This question encouraged the development of the Email Case feature.

Where it is.

On BestPlanPro Online, this feature can be found under Data > Email Data the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + E works as well (depending on your browser).

(This feature doesn’t exist on Best Plan Pro Windows Edition.)

What you get.

You’ll receive an email of the following to the registered BPP Email from our support email address.


You can download this attachment and load it into BPP Online by:

Using this feature.

We’ve seen some users using this feature by:

  1. Emailing themselves the case (which is sometimes useful for record-keeping)
  2. At the end of the day, looking at their calendar to see their appointments
  3. Storing the .bpp file in their data storage solution (CRM, Dropbox, Google Drive, Private Server, etc)