“It would be great if there was a way to show how much face value someone could get if they know their budget.”

This customer feedback encouraged us to develop the Maximum Monthly Budget Feature.

Where is it.

This feature is located under Configure Coverage and takes priority over the Face Value field (meaning that if you enter into both, the results will be sorted by the results of the Maximum Monthly Budget).

What it solves.

If your client only can spend $40/month on a policy, enter $40 in the Maximum Monthly Budget field and your results will look something like:

You’ll notice some large numbers instead of the usual smaller numbers.  Those prices represent the face value of that particular product that:

  1. fits your client’s budget;
  2. Your client will qualify for.

Those are the face values that your client can afford for that particular plan.  So, if you see:

That means your client can afford a TransAmerica Preferred Plan with a face value of $13,368.13 for $40/month.  In fact, if we open up the plan info window we can see just that:

On the very top of the Plan Info window, it says $13368.13. If you apply for that amount of coverage, it will be priced at $40.00 with a Monthly-EFT payment.