“My client only smoked cigars occasionally.  How can I get the underwriting to reflect that?  I know some of my carriers only care about cigarettes and frequent cigar use.”

This question encouraged the development of the Nicotine Options feature.

Where it is.

On Best Plan Pro Windows Edition, you can use keyboard shortcut Ctrl + N or click the See Nicotine Options link next to the Nicotine Usage heading.

On BestPlanPro Online, this feature can be accessed by clicking the See Nicotine Options link next to the Nicotine Usage heading

And, for online online, you can also click on the Nicotine Usage Options and click on the Options option.  This exists in case your browser doesn’t support the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + N.

What you get.

You’ll see something that looks like this window (with this many or more options):

You can then update each considered Nicotine option independently to accurately reflect the last 12 months.  Once you click Save, the Nicotine Usage option will change to within the past 12 months.

This information is saved with your case when you save data.  Therefore, make sure to confirm your client’s nicotine habits when revisiting older cases when using this feature.