How can I quickly go through each carrier/product to see who accepts Credit Cards?

This information is inside the Plan Info window for Best Plan Pro.

Where it is.

The Plan Info appears when clicking on a result in the Recommended Plans area.

When you click on one of those results, you’ll see a window like this:

In here, you’ll see the PAYMENT OPTIONS entry.  That’s where you’ll be able to see what’s available for this particular option.

You can scroll through these results using your UP and DOWN arrow keys:

Why Plan Info?

There are certain non-objective things about underwriting that we want to leave up to the agent’s discretion.  If an agent needs to know that they can only write 25% of their business with a particular carrier using credit cards, we thought it wise to just aggregate that information in an area where the agent can make decisions (and have access to phone numbers, riders, telesales information, underwriting nuances that are purely subjective, additional information, and notes from the carriers themselves).