“Sometimes the client omits information and then the underwriting review comes back differently than it says in BestPlanPro. It would be great if there was a way to show all prices so I can at least quote the correct price after the underwriting review gives a different result than expected.”

This customer feedback encouraged us to develop the Show Alternate Prices Feature.

Where is it.

On the Windows Version of the software, this feature is located under Settings > Producer Settings > Show/Hide Alternate Plan Prices

On BestPlanPro Online, this feature can be found under Settings > Show/Hide Alternate Plan Prices

What it solves.

If your client didn’t disclose something about their health and you were expecting a PREFERRED rating, and you were given a graded rating.  This feature displays all of the different pricing options and even lets you know when a particular plan is unavailable.  In the Windows screenshot below, you can see that the modified plan is Not Available for the client (who is 38 years old).  You might find it best to use the setting Show Excluded Plans with this feature.

Online Interface

Windows Interface

All available prices are given.  The plan that is ALL CAPS is the plan that the client qualifies for given their provided underwriting information.