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Frequently Asked Questions

What discount code should I use?

Many IMOs and teams have created discounts for their agents – you probably have one and don’t know about it!  Ask your upline or reach out here and we’ll help you (tell us your IMO and how you found Best Plan Pro)

What is the on-boarding process?

After signup, you’ll have a video sequence (~10 minutes) and then 3 questions with explanations of more complex scenarios.

How is Best Plan Pro so accurate?

Through patent-pending technology, we’ve created an extremely systematic, reliable, and efficient way to process the underwriting data agent know.  We have Artificial Intelligence (quasi-AI) and work with carriers to process undisclosed and less known facets of the specific products.

What is a BPP Key Code and BPP Email?

Instead of a traditional username and password system, we have a BPP Key Code and BPP Email.  If you purchase a BPP License for another agent, you’ll appreciate that you don’t have to give them your password or make a long password for them.


Your BPP Email and BPP Key Code are tied together, so if you ever change IMO’s or you stop paying for another agent, all you have to do is change your BPP Email and you’ll have a brand new Key Code – thereby keeping your account secure.

Are there volume discounts for Call Centers and IMOs?

What can I expect?

Reported by our customers:

  • 25% more immediate business
  • 10%-15% higher placement (for experienced and new agents respectively)
  • Easier cross-sell capabilities due to it’s consistent organization system
  • Quick, consistent, and accurate underwriting

Do you recruit or offer carrier contracts?

We’re a software company, not an insurance company.  We don’t recruit or sell/license agent data.  We do not recruit or offer contracts.

What is the difference between BPP Online and Windows Edition?

Windows Edition only works on Windows and, if you’re running Windows, we’d recommend that version.  It allows you to have Offline access to Best Plan Pro’s engine.  If your computer is slow, you can enable Slow Computer Mode which tri

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