“It would be very helpful to be able to run multiple quotes at the same time. I usually do 2 or 3 at a time.”

This customer feedback encouraged us to design our multiple, simultaneous face value evaluation feature (which we call multi-face value).

Where is it.

As you type in your desired face value, type any one of these 4 characters / \ - or | and you’ll see something like this:

No matter which of the characters you type, the vertical bar will appear.


You can run as many quotes simultaneously as you’d like.  We haven’t limited it (yet).  Typically, we’d recommend no more than 4 at one time.  Here’s what you need to know.

  1. If you run 4 face values, the case will take 4x longer to evaluate.  If you run 2 face values, the case will take 2x longer to run.  As many face values that you’re evaluating, that’s how many times longer it will take to run.
  2. If you’re running BPP Online or with Slow Computer Mode enabled on the Windows version, if the case runs for too long or is too computationally intensive, our compute infrastructure may shut it down.  For that reason, if you get an error with a case running multi face value, run just one face value.

What it solves.

Now you get can a few simultaneous quotes for your client.  BestPlanPro still considers age, state, plan, and face amount exclusions for each independent face value, so if your client is looking for $2,500|$3,000|$5,000, the proper face value exclusions will be in place.

What it looks like.