Sentinel Security New Vantage Quoter

Do you need a free quoter for Sentinel Security New Vantage? Get a quick quote with our Free Quoter (which you can whitelabel for free!). You can quote up to 5 face amounts at the same time, multiple products, and, after registering & confirming your email, you can get age & face amount restrictions as well. Click here to launch the quoter in a new tab/window.

What's automatically processed:
  • Quotes for Nicotine
  • Quotes for Non-Nicotine
  • Price for New Vantage I coverage
  • Price for New Vantage II coverage
  • Price for New Vantage III coverage
  • Pricing for PAC-EFT Monthly, Quarterly, Semiannual, and Annual payment options (under the Product By Product menu that appears after quoting)

If you need to check face limits & age restrictions, click the Unlock button in the menu of the quoter.

For more in-depth quoting based on a specific health profile or to consider state restrictions, nicotine types, unlimited face amounts, try Best Plan Pro. Need a different quoter? Click here to access all of our free quoters.  

About This Final Expense Quoting Software

This quoter is updated when Best Plan Pro is updated and is linked to that data. That means if there are any pricing changes that are updated in Best Plan Pro, they're updated here. New products added to Best Plan Pro are automatically added here as well. This connection gives this free final expense quoting software an edge – well that and it's the only 100% free to use and 100% free to whitelabel tool on the market.

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