What Information Does Best Plan Pro Have?

What this answers:

  • What information does Best Plan Pro Contain?
  • Does Best Plan Pro have eApp Links?
  • What's inside Plan Info?


Inside the Medication Addition Window

  • Medication Names
  • Medication Common Uses

Inside the Condition Addition Window

  • Medical and Non-Medical Conditions
  • Common diagnostic criteria for conditions

Inside of Plan Info (visible after analysis)

  • eApp Link (if applicable)
  • Phone Number
  • Application Submission Types (Fax, eApp, Paper, etc)
  • Replacement Policy
  • Telephone Interview Requirements
  • Definition of Graded / ROP / Modified (if applicable)
  • Available Riders
  • Telesales Availability
  • Nicotine Definition
  • Social Security Number Requirements
  • If the plan has been discontinued and is only displayed for historical reasons
  • Any product specific information


If you need any additional information added to BPP, visit the Best Plan Pro Feature Request area.

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