What types of policies is BPP for?

Quick answer:

  • Final Expense / Whole Life
  • Medicare Supplement (Experimental)
  • Term (Experimental) - Simplified and Fully Underwritten
  • Preneed

We add products by request.  Submit your requests here: feedback.bestplanpro.com



Is BPP for FE policies only?

Is BPP for Final Expense policies only?

What types of policies can Best Plan Pro help with?



Final Expense is our biggest offering currently, however we're actively adding different options based on user feedback.

We offer limited Medicare Supplement, Term, and Preneed choices as well.  We have some whole life options integrated within Final Expense.  If you're using v2, you'll find that this is fairly simple to sort though using the products menu.

For table-rated term options, we provide the best-possible rating based on the provided information and the carrier may adjust the rate from there.

Browse more FAQs about our final expense quote engine.

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