Here’s how to get Final Expense Quotes without enacting underwriting checks.

  1. Set your Producer Setting > Show Alternate Prices setting
  2. Leave Medications and Conditions Blank
  3. Run the Analysis
  4. When you click on plan info, you’ll see all of the different possible pricing options for each plan

Why might you want this?

  • Maybe you know where someone is going to place and don’t need Best Plan Pro’s automatic underwriting engine’s help for a particular case
  • Maybe you’re detecting that your client isn’t telling you the whole truth
  • Maybe your client isn’t willing to give you their information, but you want to convince them (with prices) that they should

The Benefits over Competitors

Best Plan Pro can do what other FEX quote tools can do, but FEX quoting tools can’t do what Best Plan Pro can do.

Best Plan Pro can:

  • Give prices based on non-medical underwriting restrictions (state restrictions, height/weight restrictions, etc)
  • Give quotes for multiple face values at the same time (including showing all possible plans for a product (like graded, modified, etc))
  • Give you automated underwriting answers (add as many of the client’s meds and conditions as you’d like)

And, unlike some other FEX Quoting tools, Best Plan Pro doesn’t sell your data or use it for recruiting.